If you’re feeling the crushing weight of credit card debt today, you’re far from alone. According to the Federal Reserve, American consumers are currently carrying more than $800 billion in credit card debt, about 4.5 million of which are delinquent accounts. But you don’t have to face these numbers alone. Help is available for you.

Relief From Credit Card Debt

Financial issues can make you feel powerless and weak, likes there’s no escape from your burden. The debt keeps growing larger, harassing telephone seems to haunt you all day long, and the stress of the entire situation may be affecting your marriage forcing you awake into the long hours of the morning. Creditors and debt collectors prey on people who believe that there’s no hope and no escape, that the only way to solve your problem is to give in to their demands. Unfortunately for them, that’s not the case.

Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

Oliva Law Bankruptcy exists to put people like you on a level playing field with large corporations, debt collection networks and other powerful entities that are harassing you. We’re here to make sure you can stand up and fight against dishonest and merciless debt collectors. Upright Law can advise you on whether to pay off, consolidate or eliminate your credit card debt based on your situation. An attorney can advise you how to pay off credit card debt, when appropriate, or when to consolidate or settle credit card debt. With Oliva Law Bankruptcy at your side, you can take care of your debts and get on to a fresh new start without sacrificing your financial comfort.