When the heavyweight of debt is crushing you every day, the last thing you need on top of that issue is additional stress. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how creditors and debt collectors seek to break you down and force you to give in. Harassing telephone calls, threats of legal action, embarrassing calls to family and friends and similarly stressful tactics are their tools of the trade and how they press you to meet their demands.

The Law Protects You

If high-pressure debt collectors make you feel like you’re hopeless and weak, you’re far from the only American feeling the pain. However, there’s no need to endure the harassment. State and federal law protect you from many common debt collection tactics. You may be surprised to learn what debt collectors are and are not allowed to do—and how often their actions are illegal. When creditors and debt collectors cross the legal line, help is available. If you catch them performing these illegal tactics, it can even grant you monetary compensation, if you have legal backing on your side.

Stop Creditor Harassment

Oliva Law Bankruptcy is here to help people like you understand their rights and take a stand against companies that ignore the law to try and get their money. Every week, we sue creditors and debt collectors who cross the line, so that our clients can rest easy. If it feels like the deck is stacked against you and your creditors have all the power, we can help you turn the tide in your favor, and take the fight to them today.